Quiet Home Nebulizer Inhaler Health Care Mini Handheld Portable Automizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer for Children Adult Asthma Inhaler


Quiet Home Nebulizer Inhaler Health Care Mini Handheld Portable Automizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer for Children Adult Asthma Inhaler

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110V/220V Handheld Portable Mini Asthma Inhaler Nebulizer Household Health Care Children Ultrasonic Nebulizer Inhaler Machine

Model MY-520A
Num PK-521
For an area of 10-20 square meters
Ultrasonic Function
Volume 1 liter water tank
Fog port number 1
Mechanical operation
Timing function without timing of
Water power protection support
AC Power Source
Columnar shape

VI. Technical Parameters:

Ultrasonic frequency


Size of atomized particle

0.5~5 micron

Capacity of medicine cup


Vessel capacity


Atomization volume 0.375/min

20mins timing automatically

Atomization volume 0.5/min

10mins timing automatically

Note: Atomization volume and time of timing is slightly different which depends on the consistence of the atomized liquid.

Note:Now package update, old packing and new packing are send randomely.

We provide Russian instruction for Russian speak countries and we provide adaptor such as Euro adaptor, UK, US , AU adaptor.
Euro adaptor Suitable for these countries,such as Russia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of Serbia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Myanmar, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Moldova, Croatia, Romania, Brazil Italy, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Oman, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Israel, Estonia,
UK adaptor Suitable for these countries,such as Hong Kong, UK, Singapore, Maldives, Mauritius, Bahrain, Sri Lanka
US adaptor Suitable for these countries,such as United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru, Colombia, Philippines, Costa Rica, Bolivia

AU adaptor Suitable for these countries,such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina

Gist for usage

When use this equipment, you can follow the principle of so-called”First exhale-second inhale-last breath hold”.first of all,to try your best to exhale your pulmonary gas,and then to do slow and deep breathing,breath hold for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the drugs deposit rapidly, so that to achieve he usinf effect. In the process of using, please use mouth to inhale and nose to exhale(while doing the health care,use nose to inhale and mouth to exhale). Infants and children,the old, the weak can use face masks. Since there is physical differences between people,the atomized liquid may have different role in allergies to them,the prescription of atomized liquid should follow the professional doctor’s instruction. When doing the beauty skin care,your skin should keep 2cm away from the machine. If the skin is purulent,it should be clean up with sterile needles and sterilize partly.

IV. Operation:

1. Put the adapter through the interface of electrical source, and turn on the power.

A. When the green light on,it’s at standby condition.

B. The “red” light will on when press the “mode” button, and it’s large amount of atomization.

C. The “red-green” light will flash alternatery when press the “mode” button again,and it’s small amount of atomization.

D. It can manually stop when you press the “mode” button for the third time.

E. When the machine stop working automatically and if there is residual atomized liquid in the medicine cup, you can repeat the above step.

III. Notice:

1. It will produce oxygen and during th eprocess of working. Please be more carefully use the flammable environment.

2. It has the function of timing and automatic overcurrent control,it will stop working automatically.

3. Don’t use the machine in wet condition and don’t incline the machine body when using.

4. If the machine immerge in water inadvertently,please cut off the power at once,and send it to the dealer to guarantee it in good repair.

5. It’s prohibited to open the baffle-type cover when it is working.

6. In addition to put in water,other liquid should not fill into the water vessel. If the medicine cup is damaged,please stop using it.

7. When you stop the process of using,please brush your teeth.


Additional information

Weight0.38 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 6 cm
Model Number


Brand Name

Saint Health


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